• inseed

    Micro Seed VC established and funded by 21 INSEAD MBA '19Js

  • who we are

    We are 21 (now ex-)MBA students from INSEAD who set up inseed in December 2018 to back promising startups with global ambitions.

    A Global Network

    Across Industries

    We come from 16 countries and have worked internationally across a broad range of industries from Healthcare and Government to PE and FX to tech and logistics.

    Fast and Fair

    So you can focus on the important stuff

    We make decisions quickly, and our terms are simple and fair. We’re hands-off, not looking to second-guess you, but we've got an incredibly diverse and talented partnership, so when our portfolio companies call, we answer.

    Future Fundraising

    Deep VC Network

    The one place where we can be proactive about helping is fundraising: once we decide to invest, we do what we can to help you close this round and get back to work. If you raise a round later, we’ll introduce you to all the bigger VCs we know.

  • portfolio companies

    Hand over your keys the smart way

    Simple and secure key exchange solutions for Airbnb hosts, estate agents and property managers.

    Fit learning into your life

    Daily discussion-led classes, hosted by virtual instructors, delivered in inspiring offline classrooms.

  • the team

    Gal Israeli

    Real Estate and VC

    London/ Tel Aviv

    Kacper Grzesiak

    Early Stage Startups and Acceleration

    Warsaw/New York

    Gauthier Joyeux

    Healthcare MedTech



    Michael Madoff

    Tech Product Management and Public Sector

    San Francisco/Dubai

    Keane Nguyen

    Financial Advisory and Foreign Exchange Sales and Trading


    Olivia Lehmann

    Sell-Side Equity Research


    Sheng Goh

    Business Development - Cybersecurity


    Harry Schiff

    Online Marketplaces, Marketing, VC

    Canada, Australia

    Oli Field-Johnson

    Marketing, Finance

    UK, USA

    PJ Beranger

    Management Consulting in Aerospace & Defense


    Xavier Bardy

    Commercial Manager, Consumer Goods


    Ping Du

    Management Consulting, DD & Deal Advisory, O&G, Retail


    Ser Hua Toh

    Management Consulting, Wealth Management


    Nche Wadike

    Operations, Financial Control, Ports


    Michael Badeski

    Buildings Eng. & Arch., Public Transportation


    Godwin Wang

    Operations, Insurance

    New York, Sydney

    Laurenz Vorderwülbecke

    Product Management, Tech Consultant


    Kieron Chalder

    Sales and Marketing for Tech and Telecoms


    Eleonora Del Bravo

    Managementt Consulting in Industrial Goods


    Blanca Quiralte Planiol

    Management Consulting in Financial Services


    Madeleine Debney

    Digital Strategy and Product Manager


    Siyuan Sun

    Strategy, Entrepreneur, Financial Services

    Paris, Shanghai, Singapore